Cell Phone Spy Remote Listening Secrets


Remote listening allows you to listen in to live, on going, cell phone conversations hearing everything both people say clear as a bell!

Cell phone spy software today is quite sophisticated and very powerful. Of all the different cell phone spy software features by far the most powerful is the cell phone spy feature called remote listening. With remote listening you will hear every word they say on their cell phone as they are saying it. Using the remote listening cell phone spy feature you will not miss a thing they say during cell phone conversations..
Cell phone spy remote listening does two things:

  1. The instant the cell phone you are spying on makes a phone call or receives a phone call you will get notified either through a text message sent to your cell phone or an e-mail sent to an e-mail account you specify in the cell phone spy remote listening members area.
  2. you then call that person cell phone. The remote listening application installed on their cell phone recognizes your phone number. The remote cell phone listening application blocks that person cell phone from ringing. Instead you instantly and silently get patched in to that conversation as a third-party. You are able to hear both sides of the ongoing cell phone conversation clear as a bell. The only way they will know you are there listening and is if you forget to mute your cell phones microphone, a critical step in successful remote cell phone listening.

What you have just read probably sounds like something from a science fiction James Bond movie. Fact is this feature, remote listening, is available with several cell phone spy vendors cell phone spy product. The word remote when referring to remote listening is a bit of a misnomer. In order to successfully engage in cell phone spy remote listening you do have to be able to access their cell phone one time to install the tiny remote listening application to their mobile device. In other words there is no 100% remote cell phone spy software capable of the remote listening spy feature. However once you have installed the remote listening cell phone spy app to their cell phone you never need to access their phone ever again.

Here are the websites where you can get their cell phone spy software that comes with a remote listening spy feature:

If you’re thinking of getting your hands on free cell phone spy with the remote listening spy feature there is absolutely no way. This is a premium cell phone spy feature and this is something that I can personally guarantee will never be free.


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