Are you looking to remote mobile phone spy free?

There actually is a 100% free remote mobile spy software program which is the good news. This remote mobile spy has been marketed and sold under various names including..

  • Cell Control – $69
  • ClubMZ – $15
  • Club009 – $15
  • Cell Snoop – $119
  • Cell Spy Now – $49

Perhaps you recognize a few of the names. In truth all those cell phone spy software, no matter which one you purchased,  gave you the same exact zip file that contained files including Blooover.jar and Bloover.tar.

You can get this remote mobile spy free here.

The bad news is this remote mobile spy, which you can get free, is pretty much useless nowadays. This remote spy software was developed back in the late 1990s and was originally intended for a few select Nokia a cell phone models. The software is totally outdated and doesn’t work though on any of the modern day phones which is why all of those companies are out of business. In fact I have personally messed with this free remote mobile spy and was successfully able to install it to my cell phone. The only problem is when I attempted to run the program it would begin to load as if it was going to run successfully and that would crash. I’ve learned this is a similar experience people had with their cell phones as well.

Modern Remote Mobile Spy that works

If you’re looking for remote mobile spy that works it’s not free but it is very inexpensive. This remote spy for mobile phones is called easy spy cell tracker and costs $49. Unlike most remote phone spy programs there are no recurring monthly fees.

easyspy cell tracker


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