This page is going to give step by step instructions of how to install remote cell phone spy.

When it comes to remotely spying on a cell phone with remote cell phone spy software most people get confused about how to do it properly. This confusion is mostly associated with people associating remote spy software with programs like cell control, cell snoop, or clubMZ which ineffectively attempt to utilize blooover.jar which is a totally outdated remote cell phone spy software program that does not work anymore.

The instructions given here on how to properly install remote install cell phone spy assume you are using cell phone tracker remote phone spy. Immediately after purchasing cell tracker you were sent an e-mail that contains four sets of instructions.

  1. Installing cell tracker to an android phone.
  2. Installing cell tracker to Apple phones like iPhone.
  3. Installing cell tracker to a Blackberry.
  4. Installing cell tracker if you can’t get access to the target phone.
cell tracker install page.

cell tracker install page

In this example number four is what we are interested in, installing cell tracker remote cell phone spy if you can’t get access to the target cell phone.

When using cell tracker for the purpose of spying on a cell phone you can’t get access to to install spy software the cell tracker software program is actually going to be downloaded and installed to your computer. If these instructions of all seem unclear do not be concerned. On the install instructions page, which you see the image above, notice how it says “if you do not have access to the target phone CLICK HERE“. When you click that link you are taken to a page that also has a 2 min. long video that shows you exactly step-by-step how to begin using cell tracker to spy and a cell phone you can’t get access to – in other words remote cell phone spying.

  1. Navigate your web browser to the web address given in the install instructions. This web address is the web address of the Bluetooth scanner application that is cell tracker.
  2. Save the Bluetooth scanner application to your desktop. The reason you want to save it to your desktop is finding it and working with it will be much easier and faster.
  3. The cell tracker program will be in a .zip file.
  4. Right-click the cell tracker zip file and from the menu that appears select Extract All or Extract.
  5. Once the files have been extracted, which takes about 10 seconds, you will see the folder with several files inside.
  6. Double-click on the file BTINSTALL.
  7. This will install the cell tracker Bluetooth scanner software to your computer.
  8.  Once installed you will see an icon called Bluetooth scanner on your desktop.
  9. Double-click on this file to run it. This is the actual software program that will allow you to spy on virtually anyone’s cell phone that you don’t have access to to install conventional spy software like spy bubble or mobistealth.
  10. In the Bluetooth Scanner main window click on the menu File > Open.
  11. In the dialog box that appears for the filename type the number of the cell phone you wish to remotely spy on. Entering only numbers and no dashes. So for instance if that cell phones telephone number is 860-484-1453, you would enter in 8604841453
  12. Click the Open button.
  13. In the Bluetooth Scanner program click the Start button.
  14. The Bluetooth scanner program will now go to work establishing a connection between the Bluetooth scanner software and the cell phone you will soon be remotely spying on.
  15. Once that connection has been established which will take a few minutes all information and communications with that cell phone will be relayed to the Bluetooth scanner window on your computer. You will be able to see their cell phone calls, text messages, etc. They, of course will have no clue otherwise this remote cell phone spy would be useless and pointless.

To purchase easy spy cell tracker to begin cell phone spy using the remote install instructions given above cost $49 one time payment with no monthly fees. cell tracker does come with a full money back guarantee.

easy spy cell tracker cell phone spy (remote install)


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